Areté Collection designs and creates meticulously crafted, thoughtfully imagined furniture, lighting and decorative objects that enrich personal environments and spark imagination.  Combining innovative, cutting-edge construction technique with hands-on craftsmanship, fine design, and an elusive quality some have called “magic”, our products have captured the attention of the international design world and have been featured in publications such as the New York Times, Architectural Digest, Luxe Magazine, Paper City, and Atlanta Homes Magazine.


Founders George Sellers and Bradley Clifford met in a 21st century way: via Instagram.  Bradley, a designer, marketing guru and tastemaker, posted an image of an architectural fragment he wanted recreated as a lamp base.  George, a classically trained sculptor, responded, and the two realized their strengths were complementary.  Areté Collection was founded in 2014 and immediately attracted praise for what critics called its “creative fireworks.”


George Sellers’ designs are rooted in his classical training as a sculptor in Italy, with an added twist that has been called “dark magic.”


“I believe everything I create is inspired by my first trip to Rome,” says George, “when this small-town Texas boy first beheld a marble bunting on the wall of an ancient structure with perfectly carved fruits and acanthus leaves, crawling with lizards and insects; life perfectly captured in stone and bronze, solely for the pleasure of the beholder and the uniquely human desire to decorate.”


Products have an otherworldly feel, even as they incorporate faux-bois influences with hyper-realistic detail. “There’s some sense of the ethereal, or of magic,” in every piece from the Areté Collection, says George.  “I don’t just choose randomly.  For example, all the animals I create – the rooster’s head, the rhino’s horn, rabbits – have always had something to do with magic.”


Bradley adroitly wrangles the complexities of Sellers’ creative mind and the intricacies of the everyday, making it possible for the collection to succeed in the real world.


Products are constructed using plaster, bronze, stone, hardwoods, glass, marble, limestone and porcelain.





George Sellers, Co-owner

Creative Director

George Sellers has been called the “quintessential Renaissance man.”  A classically trained sculptor who studied at the Studio Arts Centers International in Florence, Italy, his work is influenced by architecture, the work of Italian sculptor Donatello, historic faux bois technique, and the natural world.  His work has been described as infusing spaces “with imagination, wit and a touch of the fantastical.”


Bradley Clifford, Co-owner


Bradley Clifford has spent more than two decades as a well-respected designer, retailer, tastemaker and marketing expert.  His understanding of market forces, his industry contacts, his design sense, and his business acumen meld well with George Sellers’ artistic talents to create a dynamic partnership.


Ely Sellers

Head Fabricator, Master Mold Maker

Ely Sellers, nephew of George Sellers, clearly inherited the family artistic talent.  He began as an apprentice to his uncle in 2005 and has risen to become a talented engineer, fabricator, mold maker and carver, whose skill is utilized in every piece in the Areté Collection.







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